Hi, I'm Ben.








I’m currently taking a break from work and travelling around the world with my bestie.

Previously, I was building the world’s most popular digital marketplaces, a very ambitious website builder and a bunch of other stuff while working with and learning from some super talented people at Envato.

Before that, I was part of a plucky team of upstarts at The Just Group who helped bring a bricks & mortar retail fashion behemoth into the internet age.


I write open source code and build side projects on GitHub, send opinions and dad jokes into the void on Twitter, endorse colleagues for natural horsemanship and sea captaincy on LinkedIn, post photos of balloons and sunsets on Instagram, watch fx showreels and skateboarding videos on Vimeo, refuse to let go of the early 2000s on Last.fm, document our adventures around the world on BenAndCamilla.in and am usually the human behind bensmithett everywhere else.

Always buy the tourist photo.