Hi, I'm Ben 😊


Infrequent notes & strong opinions weakly held, usually about designing, building & shipping user interfaces for the web.








Side Projects


A flexible, component-first static site generator.

Frustrated with the priorities and tradeoffs in popular static site frameworks, I made one with different priorities.


I’ve been privileged enough to travel all over the world with my bff. While seeing the sights, meeting new friends and tasting the food, we’ve taken some photos.

benandcamilla.in is a hand-rolled photoblog and an experimental attempt at doing big, beautiful photo stories faster, better and simpler than the big publishing platforms.

Dormant projects

  • Give Weekly: a newsletter aimed at directing some help to a single good cause
  • TIL: a microblog and an experiment with a git-powered mobile publishing workflow
  • Dragster: better HTML5 drag events
  • Viewloader: JS components from the pre-component era
  • Style: an opinionated starting point for a scalable, maintainable CSS architecture


Rght place, right time. After dabbling in a few 🚤 career 🤖 options 🎬 I found myself in the then-new-ish field of web design, in a city with a selfishly large share of the industry's best & brightest to learn from.

I've been building things at Envato for the last little while.


I've presented talks on web design and development at local meetups, at work and at the occasional conference. Public speaking still terrifies me.

  • The 12MB Web Page: A tale of perfect PageSpeed scores & developer happiness (Envato Code Party, May 2016) slides
  • The UI is an Application (Dutch PHP Conference, Jun 2015) slides
  • Hands on with the modern front end stack workshop (Dutch PHP Conference, Jun 2015) slides code
  • The New Front End Stack: A really really really high level introduction (Envato Code Party, May 2015) slides
  • Smarter Sass builds with Webpack (MelbCSS, Apr 2015 & MelbJS, May 2015) slides
  • Faking Real Time: Optimistic Updates & Eventual Consistency (Decompress, Mar 2015) slides
  • Styling Components with JavaScript: MelbCSS Edition (MelbCSS, Dec 2014) slides
  • Presenting Dev Achievements to Non-Devs (Envato Code Party, Nov 2014)
  • Styling Components with JavaScript (MelbJS, Sep 2014) slides
  • Going Isomorphic with React (MelbJS, Jul 2014) slides
  • CSS Architecture on a Shoestring (Decompress, Apr 2014) slides
  • Element Queries: Responsive Web Design's Unicorn (Be Responsive, Jan 2014) video slides
  • Browser Extensions vs Your JavaScript (MelbJS, Mar 2013) video slides


I write open source code and build side projects on GitHub, act like a professional on LinkedIn and am usually the human behind bensmithett everywhere else.

Be kind, assume good intentions and always buy the tourist photo.