Hi, I’m Ben 😊


Infrequent notes & strong opinions weakly held, usually (but not exclusively!) about designing, building & shipping user interfaces for the web.







Side Projects

Give Weekly

Give Weekly, a (semi-) weekly newsletter about a single good cause, gives me a regular excuse to research & learn about an issue and, hopefully, funnel some support to the people and organisations working to make a difference.


I’ve been privileged enough to travel all over the world with my best friend. While seeing the sights, meeting new friends and tasting the food, we’ve taken some photos.

benandcamilla.in is a hand-rolled photoblog and an attempt to show that big, beautiful photo stories can be done faster, better and simpler independent of the behemoth publishing platforms.

Today I Learned

A microblog and an experiment with a git-powered mobile publishing workflow. TIL is a nod to writing on the web before it was a race to the top of the algorithmic feed; a place for me to write down interesting things I learn purely for the sake of writing down interesting things I learn.


In a fortuitous case of right place right time, after dabbling in a few 🚤 career 🤖 options 🎬 I found myself in the burgeoning field of web design, in a city with an outsized share of the industry’s best & brightest to learn from.

I’ve been building user interfaces at Envato since 2011.


I’ve presented talks on web design and development at local meetups, at work and at the occasional conference. Public speaking still terrifies me.


I write open source code and build side projects on GitHub, suit up on LinkedIn and am usually the human behind bensmithett everywhere else.


Be kind. Assume good intentions. Always buy the tourist photo.