Hi, I'm Ben.







Give Weekly

It can be tricky to find ways to contribute skills like mine directly to many causes. Few of the world’s problems can be solved with code. I believe one of the most useful things people like me can do is find ways to enable the people & organisations who already have the access & ability to make a difference.

Give Weekly, a weekly newsletter about a single good cause, is an attempt to make regular giving frictionless for anyone with disposable income and an email address, while giving me a regular excuse to research & learn more about a new issue.


I’ve been privileged enough to travel all over the world with my best friend. While seeing the sights, meeting new friends and tasting the food, I’ve taken some photos.

benandcamilla.in is a hand-rolled photoblog and an attempt to show that big, beautiful photo stories can be done faster, better and simpler independent of the behemoth publishing platforms.

Today I Learned

A microblog and an experiment with a git-powered mobile publishing workflow. TIL is a nod to writing on the web before it was a race to the top of the algorithmic feed; a place for me to write down interesting things I learn purely for the sake of writing down interesting things I learn.


I’ve been building user interfaces across a bunch of teams at Envato since 2011. I’m currently working on Envato Sites.



I write open source code and build side projects on GitHub, retweet space news on Twitter, endorse colleagues for natural horsemanship and sea captaincy on LinkedIn, post photos of balloons and sunsets on Instagram, watch fx showreels on Vimeo, listen to too much country music on Last.fm and am usually the human behind bensmithett everywhere else.

Always buy the tourist photo.