Hi, I'm Ben Smithett.

Blog Posts

Talks & Workshops

  • The UI is an Application (Dutch PHP Conference, Jun 2015) slides
  • Hands on with the modern front end stack (workshop) (Dutch PHP Conference, Jun 2015) slides code
  • The New Front End Stack: A really really really high level introduction (Envato Code Party, May 2015) slides
  • Smarter Sass builds with Webpack (MelbCSS, Apr 2015 & MelbJS, May 2015) slides
  • Faking Real Time: Optimistic Updates & Eventual Consistency (Decompress, Mar 2015) slides
  • Styling Components with JavaScript: MelbCSS Edition (MelbCSS, Dec 2014) slides
  • Presenting Dev Achievements to Non-Devs (Envato Code Party, Nov 2014)
  • Styling Components with JavaScript (MelbJS, Sep 2014) slides pdf
  • Going Isomorphic with React (MelbJS, Jul 2014) slides
  • CSS Architecture on a Shoestring (Decompress, Apr 2014) slides
  • Element Queries: Responsive Web Design's Unicorn (Be Responsive, Jan 2014) video slides
  • Browser Extensions vs Your JavaScript (MelbJS, Mar 2013) video slides

Open Source Projects